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Preparing to Build - Teacher's Manual

The Teacher's Manual suggest ways for the teacher to present each lesson and supplies the answers for the various exercises and unit tests. A minature copy of the student page is included. It has a hard cover and contains 404 pages. The book is in good condition.

English 1034

PACE: 1034

Character objective: Secure Scripture: Job 11:18

Confusing pairs: A/an, learn/teach, sit/set, let/leave, their/there, its/it’s, and can/may Quotation marks Commas Cursive sentences.

Very good condition

English 1054

Character objective: Honest Scripture: II Corinthians 8:21 Review: Nouns and compound nouns, action verbs and verb phrases, personal pronouns, direct objects, diagramming subjects, action verbs, and direct object. This Pace is in very good condition.

English 1036

Pace: 1036


Character objective: Virtuous Scripture: Philippians 4:8

Writing sentences and paragraphs Writing letters
Addressing envelopes Poems, rhyming words

English Diagnostic Test: 1001 - 1096

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Grammar 1: Score Key

This is the score key that goes with the Grammar Pace 1. It has a few staine on the front cover. Satisfactory condition.

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