Teacher: They must

You've have just come back from your child’s parents evening or you have just finished reading their report and have heard the words:


“your child needs to be read more”


You raise an eyebrow and think... 'but my child does read!

They read at school.

They read the books in their book bag.

We visit the library every now and again and...I just bought them a book set for their birthday'.


So what does this target actually mean? And what else can you do to aid in this area of development? How can you guarantee that your child is reading enough and that their reading is making a difference?


Well, that's where 1Point4Teacher can help. You can either book an English session with us where we assess your child and build a tailor-made plan for them or you can try our Online Email Reading Comprehension service.


Tips to help with reading at home:

Ask questions:

  • Model how to ask questions while reading
  • Ask questions that will spark your child’s curiosity as they are reading.

Describes the Pictures

  • Describe the pictures you’re seeing in your own imagination (using your five senses)
  • Invite your child to describe the pictures - they can also draw them.

Make Inferences

infer” means to combine what you already know with clues from a story.

  • predict what might happen in the story as you read aloud and invite your child to do the same.

Find a problem and a solution

Every good story has a problem and a solution.

  • Help your child to identify the problem
  • Help your child to predict the solution
  • Find and talk about the actual solution

Identify confusing words.

  • Pay attention to new words
  • Underline them in pencil and rub out later
  • You could write them down when reading and check the meaning later.
  • Try to see how the word is used in sentences and use them in sentences of your own.

We Can Help Your Child Read to Learn

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