In the Classroom

Maths Support

What is provided?


  • An online assessment during week 1 and 11

  • Homework tasks via ConquerMaths

  • Fortnightly worksheets

  • Fortnightly marking service

  • Fortnightly feedback

  • Reminder emails of when tasks are becoming due

  • Accountability for your child to complete tasks

What will I need?
You child will need an annual subscription of ConquerMaths. If you have more than one child in
different year groups, you may want to share a password. You will also need a device for your child
to do tasks on.


How much does it cost?

  • It will cost a one off fee of £50 for an annual subscription of ConquerMaths.

  • It will cost £20 per month for the email support.

Why would I go for this option?

  • Maybe you were unable to secure a maths place.

  • Maybe you are confident with teaching maths but just need the accountability.

  • Maybe you need help with organising maths tasks for your child.

  • Maybe you want to save money.

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