Frequently Asked Questions

Do you prepare for the 11plus?


We use 11plus materials in our classes as well as practice papers. However, we are not specialists in the 11plus so it is not our main focus. We teach children using the National Curriculum syllabus and our aim is for each child to be working a year above the school expectation (once gaps have been covered). This is beneficial for those taking 11 plus examinations. We do not believe in tutoring to get a child into a school that is not suitable for them. We tutor to encourage the child and to help them in areas that they are either finding difficult or to challenge those who are not being stretched. However, when your child reaches year 4, we will talk to you about where we think they are working and will recommend tutors (if required) that can help specifically with subjects such as Non-Verbal Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning. 


Do you provide one to one instruction?


Each child has their own objectives set for them before the lesson and this will be explained to them individually. They are encouraged to raise their hand (as they would do in school) when more help is needed. As our class sizes are small, no child is left behind. We do offer ad hoc, top up sessions during the summer holidays. We also offer one to one online sessions to home educated children on Monday mornings.


How can we get the most benefit from your lessons?

your child should:


  • attend every lesson
  • be on time for each lesson
  • take ownership of their learning
  • complete homework on time and bring it to every session to be marked.
  • focus on neat handwriting and clear presentation 'all' the time
  • practice new vocabulary learned
  • read daily - We provide reading lists based on themes that will be covered during the lesson
  • drink lots of water which will keep them hydrated and help maintain concentration 
  • ask questions to clarify any area of weakness


Do you provide any discounts?


  • 5% sibling discount (3 or more sessions booked)
  • coding discount - click here
  • math discount - click here


My child has a behaviour problem. Can he attend the sessions?


If you have a child who wants to learn but cannot manage group lessons or is struggling in the classroom. We would be happy to talk to you and could offer block one to one lessons during the summer holidays or one to one session is spaces are available. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate students with behaviour problems during group sessions. We have ZERO-TOLERANCE for bad behaviour as we need to concentrate on the learning of all children during the lessons. We only accept students that 'want' to learn. This is not based on ability but rather willingness. This helps create a pleasant, productive and positive learning environment for all children who attend lessons with us. It also means that you are getting what you are paying for. Any student who is disrupting lessons will be given a warning and if it continues they will be dismissed from our lessons.


Do you work with children who have special needs?

Yes, please contact us to discuss your child's additional needs. We assess each child and place them in ability groups as close as possible.


Do you provide homework?

Yes, children will receive half an hour of homework for every hour of tuition. This will keep them stimulated but at the same time should not be too stressful or challenging. For maths, we aim to alternate between one week of online homework and one week of paper homework. For English, we alternate between one week of grammar homework and one week of reading comprehension. We like to pre-teach vocabulary that children will come across during the lesson so you will have access to our online classroom for this.


How many children are in a session

Unlike schools who can have approximately 30 students per class to only one teacher. Our sessions are between 4 - 6 (with a maximum of 7). We have two adults per class.  


Are you DBS checked?



Are your teachers qualified

Yes, Mrs. Edwin has a degree in teaching.


Some of our teaching assistants may not have an actual qualification but are from the home education community where they have dedicated their lives to teaching their own children. These will be following the instruction of Mrs. Edwin. 








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