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Why don’t you teach Creative Writing during other English classes?

My usual gaps-based classes are jam-packed and it's just not possible to fit the writing element into my usual English sessions. English covers a range of skills and I break parts up during my English classes; which cover reading comprehension, SPAG and Verbal Reasoning. These skills are practiced during the writing classes.   

What is covered?

We cover nine units in our writing class which cover the following:

KS2 & KS3: We use a mixture of DVD-based lessons with direct teaching from Mrs. Edwin. Children will learn about note-taking, making an outline, writing from notes, retelling narrative stories, summarising a reference, writing from a picture stimulus, summarising multiple references, inventive writing, Formal Essay Models and Formal Critiques.

We use the SPAG knowledge learned in English lessons to make writing better. Children are taught to dress up their writing using techniques such as:

  • Sentence openers,

  • Using cliff-hangers in story endings.

  • Using dress-ups such as the strong verb, quality adjectives and more.

  • Being taught to ‘Show! Not tell!’

  • Character development,

  • Planning stories using the story sequence chart,

  • Writing stories effortlessly and quickly under timed conditions,

  • Using literacy devices to improve writing such as similes and metaphors, onomatopoeia, alliteration and personification,

  • Differences between antagonists and protagonists and how to use them in stories.

  • How to write a continuous prose exercise i.e writing a letter, report or newspaper article.

  • How to utilise all five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch).

For more information on the IEW curriculum, visit the IEW website.