FAQs - Creative Writing - Level B

Congratulations on taking the first step in seeking more information on this fantastic creative writing course, which is a digitally delivered writing program for level B students who are in KS3. This course will keep your child engage during the Covid-19 school at home period and will focus on the important skill of ‘writing’ as well as the mechanics of grammar.

•They will receive live teaching from a qualified teacher.

•They will benefit from lively interactive classes with other students whilst also receiving direction and accountability from the teacher for composition and grammar assignments.

•The online classes also include 3 weeks of fix it grammar, which is a programme that goes into greater detail on the rules of grammar.

•Students receive timely and helpful feedback on every written composition they submit.


1.Is there a prerequisite for the course?


No, but it is geared to KS3 student although some children in year 6 will also benefit from it.


2. What materials and equipment will I need?


You will need a license for the PDF files to be sent to you. One per family is all that is required. You will also need a folder or somewhere to store finished papers and rough drafts. Your child will also need a pen (pencils should not be used).


3. How much does it all cost?


Each session costs £18 payable per unit in advance. The cost of materials has also been added to the subscription. The monthly fee is therefore £75.50.

Payment – 1 May covers Unit 1 and 2  (27th April, 4th, 11th, 18th May)

Payment – 1st June covers unit 3 ( 1st , 8th , 15th , 22nd June)

Payment – 29th June, 6th, 13th and 20th July


4. Will my child be required to work independently?

No, you should give your child as much support as required. I believe that parents are the first educators of their children, whether they attend school or are educated at home. You will be responsible for keeping your child on task during class time, reading every assignment before it is turned in and ensuring that coursework is properly submitted.

5. How will I send and receive assignments?

Please attach the final draft of your child writing to the email address provided (1point4teacher@gmail.com). It can be either typed up on Microsoft word or you can take a photo and attach it. It will be marked and sent back with feedback included. If there are a lot of errors it is important that your child rewrites it. under your supervision.

6. How much and how often will feedback be given?


Feedback will be given on all written compositions once a week, which is why it is important that the final draft is submitted and not  the rough drafts. Late submission may not be marked.


7. How much time should my child spend on assignments?


In general, an average online session will last for 1 hour. Homework will take between 30–45 minutes but this will of course vary depending on your child needs.



8. When is the final draft due in?


If your lesson was taught on a Monday it will be due in on Thursday. If your lesson was taught on a Tuesday, tasks will be due in on Friday.


9. What device should my child use for lessons?


I do not encourage the use of mobile devices as classroom interaction will be limited and your child will not see the full screen. I recommend using a tablet, iPad, desktop or laptop computer. I would also recommend that each child has their own device and for siblings not to share if possible.


10. Do you provide catch up sessions?


If you child misses the odd session, do not worry as all classes are recorded so students who miss classes can access the recorded session.


11. Can we get a refund if the class is not right for us?


Unfortunately, refunds are not given but please let me know if you do not want to continue and I will cancel your subscription for the following month or stop any regular payments.