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Introducing 1Point4Academy

The sister company of 1point4Teacher

1point4Academy is an online learning platform designed to help parents take back control of their child’s education. We provide information, quizzes, assessments, video tutorials, resources, worksheets and much more for children and families.


We also support families entering the home education community. 

This is an online service for those who would like to access some of our services but are unable to get to Harrow or for those who are confident in working alongside their child without a hiring a tutor. 

Some of our courses cover the following subject areas:


  • Phonics Reception 

  • Phonics and Spelling Year 1 

  • Phonics and Spelling Year 2 

  • Spellings Year 3 and 4 

  • Spellings Year 5 and 6 

  • Grammar and Punctuation KS2 (Year 3 – 6) 

  • Reading Comprehension – vocabulary skills 

  • Reading Comprehension – retrieval skills 

  • Reading Comprehension – summarization skills 

  • Reading Comprehension – prediction skills 

  • Reading Comprehension – identification skills 

  • Reading Comprehension – comparison skills



Our new 1Point4Academy website will be arriving soon. For all the latest updates and to receive notification when we go live, please submit your email address below.

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