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A service dedicated to supporting primary aged children in their journey through education whether they go to school or are taught at home.

1Point4 is the ratio of adults to children who are taught at our purpose-built classroom in Harrow. It was set up in 2013 by Mrs Sophia Edwin, a Primary School Teacher. She has experience in teaching up to 32 children in a class at any one time and would group children in a variety of ways; such as ability groups for Math and English. She believes children receive more individualised attention in small groups and feels that 4 children in a group is a comfortable number for the teacher and the students.


  • There are tremendous benefits of group tuition such as;
  • affordability
  • connections with committed and consistent teachers
  • collaborative learning
  • problem solving
  • interaction
  • social skills and making friends
  • friendly competition
  • livelier environments
  • individual support but in a group setting
  • learning feedback after sessions
  • direct parent to teacher communication.

1point4Teacher: Weekly Tuition in Harrow for Primary Aged Pupils

1Point4Academy: Online Educational Resources for Home Educating Families



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